BGMI Unban in india see when 2.6 update will come

BGMI which was banned for 10 months is going to be unbanned now.

Krafton's CEO himself has informed that BGMI is going to be unbanned and will be on Play Store soon.

Earlier BGMI was banned in the matters of privacy, now Government of India will investigate it and then unban it.

BGMI people had delayed Unban for many months due to Indian regulators, but now Unban will happen.

Krafton Inc has said that now more than ever the privacy and security issues of Gamers will be taken care of.

BGMI Unban Date will be re- launched on May 27, 2023 at 5:30 PM IST.

Then you can download Bgmi on Google Play Store and Apple App Store .

When BGMI was launched for the first time only 100M within 2 years
Downloads had arrived.