OBEY Esports : Qualifies for Clash of Clans Worlds Warmup 2023

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The second qualifier for the Clash of Clans Worlds Warmup 2023 was recently conducted with the top four teams qualifying for the main event, scheduled to take place from 11th to 19th February.

One of the qualifying teams was OBEY Esports from India. The team made its way through the second open qualifier and has earned the opportunity to go up against some of the best teams from around the world.

It is the second team from India who will be competing in the international Clash of Clans tournament. Blind Esports is the first team that made its way through the first open qualifier.Rushindra Sinha Tells about Indian Esports Team Which Spends the Most Money

Clash of Clans Worlds Warmup 2023: OBEY Esports qualifies for the group stage

The second open qualifier for the Worlds Warmup 2023 has concluded and OBEY Esports from India has secured one of the four remaining slots by placing fourth overall.

With this win, the Indian organization has been granted a chance to compete in the international tournament and go up against some of the best teams from around the world at the group stage of the main event.

  • Worlds Warmup 2023: Group Stage – 11th to 12th February
  • Worlds Warmup 2023: Playoffs – 18th to 19th February
Clash of Clans Worlds Warmup 2023 - Winners of the second qualifier
Clash of Clans

Both of them have been placed in different groups for the Worlds Warmup 2023: Group Stage, Blind Esports in Group 1 and OBEY Esports in Group 2.

Group 1

  1. NAVI
  2. X Team Esports
  3. Chasmac Gaming EA
  4. Blind Esports

Group 2

  1. Tribe Gaming
  2. STRUT
  3. EM Esports
  4. OBEY Esports

For the upcoming Group Stage, the eight qualified teams will be joined by eight directly invited teams, finalists of the Clash Worlds 2022. These 16 teams will be split into four groups of four teams each with the top two teams from each group moving ahead to the Playoffs.

The current OBEY Esports lineup for Clash of Clans is as follows,

  1. Kartik
  2. BadBog
  3. Manik
  4. Sufe
  5. Aditya
  6. Thanmay
  7. Mr Beast

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